Photo Collage

The collage will continue to grow, please click the paw above to add your image.

This is how the mosaic was looking on December 6th 2010

The Pounds For Hounds Photo Collage is contributing to the kennel fund. Click here to see the collage so far.

The photo collage is a collection of images donated by the public as a celebration of all of the things that are important to us, from our pets, to our families through our favourite places and everywhere in between.

The completed collage will contain up to 50,000 individual images and will be turned into an artwork to be hung in the kennels upon their opening.

To get your photo included in the collage, click here, each square costs just £1 and all proceeds go to the Greyhound Gap Kennel Fund.

There is no limit to the number of squares you can purchase, so perhaps you would like one for each of you pets, or one for each of your children, there really are no bounds* to what photos can be uploaded, so let you imagination wander to your favourite thing, and then buy a square for it!

* Images that are deemed explicit or likely to cause offence will not be included



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