About Us

Greyhound Gap are currently running at a strength of 40-60 dogs at anyone time. Whilst a smaller organisation this used to be done via using foster homes alone. Now due to increase in numbers we are paying around £2000-£2500 a month in private boarding fees to keep dogs safe from the risk of euthanasia.

Recently we started to search for a property to rent. During that time lots of lovely people sent us links to properties to buy. We have investigated this possibility and found that indeed it IS a possibility.

However, to put us in a position to do this we need to raise a 30% deposit. This is where this page comes in. We are asking you all to try and help us to find a 100,000 to donate £1 through various fundraising events throughout the UK. It is vitally important in the current economical climate we do not place too much pressure on any one person or particular group as well as take away from the usual monthly fundraising that continues to financially support the welfare of the dogs we rescue.

Having our own property and mortgage will allow us to take in and house more dogs, have better sanctuary facilities for dogs needing long term care and allow us to do more remedial behavioural work on site with the more difficult dogs meaning quicker rehoming potential and more dogs finding their way into our "safety net".

Therefore we are asking you to consider giving £1 for a Hound!!!

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